AFG-NOC commissions

The 13 AFG-NOC commissions shall function as decision-planning bodies of the AFG-NOC and have the role of consultative working groups, each in its specific field of specialization.

Not being involved in the operational side of the duties of the AFG-NOC, the commissions shall assist the Executive Board in making decisions on the relevant issues.

Number and Composition of Commissions: The commissions of the Committee are as follows:

1- Management and Planning Commission

2- International Relations Development Commission

3- Resources Development and Marketing Commission

4- Media Commission

5- Athletes Commission

6- Sports Law Commission

7- Coaches Commission

8- Sport for All Commission

9- Women and Sport Commission

10- Sport Tourism Commission

11- Education and National Olympic Academy Commission

12- Sport Medicine Commission

13- Sport and Environment Commission

Note 1:

Every commission shall be composed of a chairman, a secretary and 3 to 5 members appointed for a two–year term. Re–appointment of the commission members is possible.

Note 2:

The chairmen of commissions shall be appointed by the Executive Board and their letters of appointment shall be signed by the President of the Committee.

Note 3:

The secretary and members of each commission shall be proposed by the chairman of the commission and their letters of appointment shall be signed by the Secretary General after the approval of the Executive Board

Note 4:

The Executive Board may, according to needs and in keeping with the list of IOC commissions, change the number, structure, titles and duties of the commissions. However, the number of commissions shall not, at any case, exceed 15 and the number of the members of each commission shall not be more than 8 persons.

Note 5:

Each commission shall draw up a bye-law for itself that has to be approved by the Executive Board.