Continental Sports Federation (Summer Olympic Sports)

AR   -   Archery   Asian Archery Federation (AAF)

AT   -   Athletics  Asian Athletics Association (AAA)(

BD   -   Badminton   Badminton Saia Confederation(BAC)

BK   -   Basketball   FIBA Asia

BX   -   Boxing   Asian Boxing Confederation (ASBC)

CK   -   Canoe / Kayak   Asian Canoe Confederation (ACC)

CY   -   Cycling   Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC)

EQ   -   Equestrian Asian Equestrian Federation (AEF) 

FE   -   Fencing Fencing Confederation of Asia (FCA)  

FB   -   Football   Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

GO   -   Golf   Asian Pacific Golf Confederation (APGC)

GY   -   Gymnastics   Asian Gymnastics Union

HB   -   Handball   Asian Handball Federation (AHF)

HO   -   Hockey   Asian Hockey Federation (AHF)

JU   -   Judo   Judo Union of Asia (JUA)

AQ   -   Aquatics   Asia Swimming Federation (AASF)

MP   -   Modern Pentathlon   Asian Modern Pentathlon Confederation (AMPC)

RO   -   Rowing   Asian Rowing Federation (ARF)

RU   -   Rugby   Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU)

SA   -   Sailing Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF)  

SH   -   Shooting  Asian Shooting Confederation (ASC) 

ST   -   Soft Tennis   Asian Soft Tennis Federation (ASTF)

TK   -   Taekwondo   Asian Taekwondo Union (ATU)

TE   -   Tennis   Asian Tennis Federation (ATF)

TR   -   Triathlon   Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC)

VB   -   Volleyball   Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC)

WL   -   Weightlifting   Asian Weightlifting Federation (AWF)

WR   -   Wrestling   Asian Associated Wrestling Committee (AAWC)